ŠKODA Change weeks


Exchange bonus in Corona times. ŠKODA change weeks since May 1, 2020

The ŠKODA Exchange Weeks offer you an “exchange bonus” of up to € 6,000 when you buy, finance or lease a new ŠKODA and at the same time trade in your used one.

The exchange premium - also called the exchange premium - is granted as a discount on the purchase price of the vehicle. Since there are no grants from the federal government or the state (yet), this is a pure manufacturer discount.
You can find out in detail in the following sections which conditions apply and which premium amounts you can receive:

    You buy, lease or finance a new ŠKODA from May 1 to July 31, 2020.
    You trade in your used vehicle that has been approved for you for at least six months.
    Your used vehicle for trade-in is a ŠKODA or a make that is not part of the Volkswagen Group. So not a Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, SEAT, Audi or Porsche car.

The exchange bonus is paid in addition to the residual value of the used vehicle in payment.
The respective amounts of the bonuses depend on the vehicle model purchased:

Premium model
ŠKODA Scala * € 3,500
ŠKODA Kamiq € 3,500
ŠKODA Octavia € 3.500
ŠKODA Karoq € 5,000
ŠKODA Superb € 6,000
ŠKODA Kodiaq € 6,000

There is no exchange bonus for the ŠKODA Fabia from the manufacturer, but at Glinicke24.de you can find the Fabia in many different designs and colors at unbeatable prices - as if the bonus were included.

Would you like to take advantage of a lease but do not know how safe your job is in this difficult time?
That is why we already include free installment protection for lessees in the event of unemployment!

All of our health has top priority these days. That is why we have, of course, aligned all our sales in all Glinicke ŠKODA dealerships with the latest hygiene measures.

* The exchange bonus for ŠKODA SCALA Active and Cool Plus applies only to immediately available storage trolleys.