Trade-in bonus

Discount when returning your used
The trade-in bonus is a popular means of buying a new car to get more than the residual value for your used car. This is not a discount on the new car, but a premium from the manufacturer. They are usually only available in selected campaign periods. The conditions are often very different. In particular, changing the vehicle brand is often rewarded with a high trade-in bonus when buying a new car. Exceptions are brand changes within the VW group. This can result in a higher premium if you stay loyal to the brand - in other words, the car you trade in is of the same brand as your new car. By clicking on the respective brand logo you will receive all information about the current campaign or the past: individual conditions, amount of the bonuses and everything else that is important so that you can save as much as possible. We have also listed general information on the trade-in bonus.

Trade-in - everything you need to know
Selling or paying in your used car to the dealer where you buy your new car makes sense and is therefore more than usual. After all, not only buying a car, but also selling is a matter of trust. This not only saves you double the effort, but also the search for another trustworthy partner. He will evaluate your used car according to the following criteria:

  • General condition (outside and inside)
  • kilometers driven
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Furnishing

The amount for which your vehicle will be taken in payment is decided after a detailed examination in the car dealership. However, this is independent of the trade-in premium. Here's a tip: Of course, you can't change the mileage, age and equipment in your favor anymore, but: The general condition is generally rated better if the vehicle is clean and therefore makes a good impression. In some cases, professional preparation is even worthwhile before you present the used one for evaluation.

Is a free sale better?
Of course, you don't have to trade in your used vehicle when buying a new car, but you can also sell it privately. That means some effort. The only advantage is that you can determine the selling price yourself and are not tied to the dealership's offer. Apart from the fact that this offer usually also offers some room for negotiation, you can miss the following advantages:

  • Trade-in bonus
  • Can be combined with other awards
  • Bonus for change of foreign brand
  • fast and uncomplicated handling of buying and selling

Conclusion: A free sale can only be worthwhile if it is worth the extra work and there are no rewards for your used car.Lediglich wenn es Ihnen der Mehraufwand wert ist und es keinerlei Prämien für Ihren Gebrauchtwagen gibt kann sich ein freier Verkauf lohnen.

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